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       How old am I? What's my birthday? I don't know. I don't remember. I lost count around one thousand three hundred years. But I know that I'm older than that. I just don't know how much older.
       Elijah came to pick me up for testing. But something about him was different.
       "You okay, Elijah?" I asked, worried about his silence. He's usually a really big talker, at least around me he is.
       "Nina wants you to meet one of the kids here." He finally spoke, his cheerful tone flat.
       "Wait...what?" I was both shocked and confused. "Isn't that a little dangerous?"
       "Nina doesn't think so. She considers this a simple test to see how much you can control your dragon's will power and state of mind when protecting someone you love." Elijah explained.
       "Didn't we already prove that with you, Elijah?" I asked.
       "Maybe. But Nina doesn't believe so." Elijah shrugged. "Besides, he kind of reminds me of Cheng. His looks, I mean."
       My heart ached at that sentence. Cheng, my little brother. I don't want to believe that this kid could be his reincarnation after thousands of years of being gone.
       "If this kid is my brother's reincarnation, I would protect him with everything I've got." I told Elijah. "But if he isn't, then I make no promises."
       "That's my girl." Elijah finally smiled. We ended up in the main building, where I hardly ever walk besides going in for testing.  I took in the new surroundings as we walked down the brightly lit halls. We soon made it to the room Elijah told me about.
       "Are you sure it's okay for me to do this, Elijah?" I asked again.
       "Orders are orders, Longzi." He sighed. "Just remember the procedure."
       "Right..." The procedure. I'm not allowed to tell anyone I just met my birth name,  my birth date, and my age, just in case something happens and I get captured for information.
       "Here we go then." Elijah smiled as he reached down towards the door handle and opened the door with a creek.
       Many years have passed since then. I learned the truth behind the operation and why they chose orphans to test this awful experiment on. The government recently found a dragon corpse in the frozen mountains of a land I never heard of. The DNA still lived, but needed a new body for it to thrive and grow. They chose orphans so that if they die during the fusion of the foreign substance, no one would miss them.
       I was the only survivor. I hate them for it. They killed the only family I had left. But, I also hate myself for not being able to protect him like a older sibling should. I failed not only myself, but my parents and most importantly, my brother. Elijah kept telling me it wasn't my fault, that there was nothing I could do. I knew he was right, but I still felt this dark, nagging feeling deep in my stomach telling me that if I fought harder, maybe I could've saved him.
       I still can't believe that this happened. That maybe, this was dark and cruel nightmare that won't end. I hoped for years that maybe one day, I would wake up in Macao to see my parents and brother alive and well. But, sadly, that day never came. I came to believe that this hell hole was reality and I was currently the result of what the scientists considered their greatest accomplishment.
       Am I even human anymore? Or am I just an object designed for testing? An object designed to kill and be used as a weapon of mass destruction? Is that all I am meant for?
       Hundreds of years past since that day. I stopped aging and was granted long life due to the dragon's DNA. Elijah did his best to keep me safe. But, it was no use. I ended up killing hundreds if not thousands of people over my long lifespan. Not by my own accord. When I lose consciousness, the dragon half of me takes over and destroys everything and everyone that stands in its path. I can't control it and I never could master control over that part of me. It is its own living subconscious located deep inside of me.
       I started feeling awful soon after one experimentation done on me. I went to the doctor, only to get devastating news. My organs were giving out. I was slowly dying.
       "Is there any way to change that? Or at least prolong her life?" The head scientist of my program asked.
       "With medication, it'll help prolong her life." The nurse replied. "But I'm not sure for how long."
       "Anything to keep Yao-Lin alive." That's what I'm called now. 'Yao-Lin', my last name. I am also known as 'Ryuuko', a miss translation of my actual name.
       "Very well. I'll have medication ordered and it will be ready for pick up by tonight." The nurse told us.
       "That's all I ask for." I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Let me take you back to your place, Yao-Lin."
       "Yes, sir." I stood from the chair I was sitting in and followed the scientist out. We walked to a far off, secluded section of the lab, a place where only I stay. A cold building that is more like a cage than a home.
       "I'll bring the medication." The scientist told me before closing the large, metal door. I hear him set the locks and alarms to inform them if I end up breaking out.
       I looked around the room I resided in since I got here when I was six. There was a mirror, bathroom, a bed that I almost never use, and a bared window. I walk to the mirror so I could examine myself. I changed, not only my personality or way of thinking, but my looks as well. My black hair turned into a soft light blue and snow white. Out of the fringe grew two horns that I usually hide underneath a hat. My tan skin changed to an unhealthy pale color , which I think looks hideous on me.
       But, my eyes are what I think changed the most. Instead of it being a dark brown, they turned into a forest emerald shade of green.
       "I'm unnatural." I always say whenever I look at myself. "I'm unnatural."
       This living hell started when I was but six years old when these scientists took me and my brother from are small home in Macao, China after our parents died. We had no idea what was going on. We weren't told anything. When we got to their place, we were added to a group of six other children around our age. That was the beginning of it.
       We were taking into a room. A cold, dark, and gray covered room. They told us to wait there as we were taken in one by one into an operating room. Over the course of the day, 6 children went in and all of them died from the operation. The last two were my brother and me. My brother was the next to go in. I screamed at the scientists to let him go because I knew that if he went in, he would come back out breathing.
       I still remember his voice screaming. Screaming for me to help him.
       " Dà jiějiě!" He screamed over and over. 'Big sister! Big sister!' Some big sister I am. When my brother came back out, he was at death's door. He was placed in front of me and my arms were instantly around him, hugging him as tight as I could as if by hugging him that tight would keep is soul inside and wouldn't leave me alone.
       But, my efforts were in vain for he died a few seconds later. His last words being, 'Big sister, I'm scared.'
       I was the last one. But with me, something different happened. They almost lost me but somehow, I managed to survive. I was in a coma for a month after words as a new part of me mixed itself with my human DNA and...changed me forever. Not just my body and appearance were changed, but my consciousness as well.
       When I finally woke, there was a man beside me. He looked to be in his early twenties with crimson hair, green eyes, and wore glasses.
       "Hello, little one." He said in fluent Chinese. "My name is Elijah and I shall be your guardian from now on."
Hey guys, I've been going through a lot lately with college and being far away from home. I'm also having some trouble with the people I live with. Lately, I've been having the urges to start cutting again and I've been having suicidal thoughts again. So, I'm going to take a longer hiatus so I can try to fix everything and try to get better. Sorry.
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