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<Dante's POV>

       Fiancée…That word keeps on going through my head. Damien's my fiancée now. I'm most likely the happiest person in the world right now. But the hardest part was telling Gerardo that Damien and I are engaged now. That's what I'm doing now and Gerardo's ranting on about how we're too young.
       "That's why we're waiting until we're done with school to get married, Gerardo. It's not like we're tying the knot tomorrow." I interrupted his rant. He looked at me straight in the eyes now.
       "So, you two have thought all of this through?" He asked, sitting down and folding his hands together.
       "Yes, we have."
       "And when you guys do…it again, make sure you both use protection." Gerardo said.
       "This isn't a joke, Dante. You do know that Stefani male's can get pregnant as well, right?" Gerardo asked, his tone of voice extremely serious.
       "Do you know how it came to be this way?"
       "Some genetic experiment gone wrong back when the Stefani's females were quickly dying off and they need some way to keep the line going. So some freaky scientist thought it was a good idea to put a temporary uterus inside every male. But they had trouble getting it out and now it's genetically passed down to anyone one apart of the Stefani bloodline." I recited, placing my hand over my stomach.
       "Exactly. So, please be careful, Dante." Gerardo's tone didn't change. "Does Damien know?"
       "No…" I shook my head.
       "He deserves to know, Dante. I don't want you two to do something you both aren't ready for."
       "Like having a child?"
       "Having a child when you're both too young." Gerardo corrected.
       "I'll tell him. Next time I see him." I promised. "He and I actually have a date tonight so I'll tell him then."
       "You better…You've got lucky the last few times by not getting pregnant so please…be careful."
       I think heard my phone ring and I took it out of my pocket. Damien's name was flashing on it and I looked up at Gerardo with pleading eyes.
       "Go ahead." I nodded and pressed the phone to my ear.
       "Hey." I got up and walked up to my room. "You done with school?"
       "Yeah. When would you like me to pick you up?" Damien asked.
       "Anytime would be good. Just make sure you get your homework done first." I laughed a little.
       "You sound just like mom. But sure. How 'bout 6:30?"
       "That sounds good." I said, "See you then."
       "Okay." Then the line went dead. I pressed the 'call end' button and placed my phone on my desk. I sat on my bed with a sigh as I took off my shoes. I laid back and fold my arms behind my head.
       'How do I explain this to him?' I closed my eyes, 'Why is this so hard?'
       I opened my eyes and I looked out of the corner of them, eying my guitar. I slowly sat up and got off my bed. I walked over to it and pulled it off its handle.
       "Guess I'll just play this until he comes by…" I sighed before sitting down on my bed and began to play. I played some of my favorite songs and I let myself get lost in the soft notes of the music that I didn't notice how much time has gone by.
       "Can you sing for me?" I jumped at the sudden voice and I looked up towards my door, only to see Damien leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed, looking at me. Then I looked at the clock and it read 6:30. I looked back at him.
       "What would you like to hear?" I asked, smiling at him as he walked over and sat beside me.
       "Anything. I don't care as long as I hear you." He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed the side of my head.
       "Sure…" I looked back at my instrument and began to play 'Diary Of Jane'. It took about 3 minutes to play and sing at the same time. By the time I was done, Damien placed his head on my shoulder and arm around my hip. I looked down at him.
       "How was that?" I asked. I never really play or sing for anybody. But Damien was a special case.
       "Perfect. As always." He tilted his head and kissed the crook of my neck. I flinched a little bit and I felt him frown against my neck. I placed my guitar by my night stand before turning my upper body towards Damien.
       "So, ready to go?" I asked.
       "Can we stay here for a little while longer?" Damien asked, wrapping his arms around me and placed his forehead on my shoulder.
       "Can't stay here too long though. Gerardo would think we're doing something we're not supposed to in his house." I smirked. "And you know how protective he is over me. Especially now, after what happened with Walker."
       "True. We'll leave in a couple minutes then." He tightened his hold on me and we stand like that for a minute before letting go of each other and heading down stairs.
       "Bye, Gerardo! Be back by 9!" I called.
       "Okay. Be safe!" He called back. Damien and I left the house and head over to the place where we were going to eat. I was extremely nervous all the way but I tried not to let it show. It obviously worked because Damien didn't say anything about it all the way.
       "We're here." Damien informed, pulling up to Ivars.
       "Good, I'm starving." I smiled as he parked his car. We got out and headed inside. My stomach kept on making knots inside me throughout our dinner and as time went on, it came closer for me to tell him about my genetic disorder.
       "You okay?" Damien asked, bringing me out of my thoughts.
       "Y-Yeah. I just…need to tell you something…" I said softly.
       "What is it?" Damien asked.
       "Is it okay if we go somewhere more private. I don't really want people hearing this." I said, playing with the end of my shirt.
       "Sure. Let's just pay and we can head out." Damien got up and went over to the cashier. I just sat there, thinking of how I'm going to tell him my deepest, most embarrassing secret. I jumped a little when I felt a hand touch my shoulder. My first reaction was to flinch away and when I looked up at the figure, I was met with the worried eyes of Damien.
       "Sorry…" He muttered.
       "Don't be. I was just startled. That's all." I sighed, getting up. "Ready?" Damien nodded and we headed out. It was already dark out but light enough to see in. We drove towards a secluded part of the park and I was walking in front of Damien only by a few inches before stopping.
       "So what is it? What do you want to tell me?" He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.
       "Can…you please not judge me when I tell you this? Or make fun of me?" I asked softly.
       "I could never do such a thing to you. Now, what is it?" He whispered. I turned in his arms but I couldn't make eye contact with him.
       "Damien…what if I told you that…I have the ability to…have children? As in…have a living being…grow inside me for nine months?" I asked slowly.
       "I would be…Wait, what?" He breathed. I backed up, out of his arms, and lifted up my shirt high enough to reveal my stomach but not my chest. I grabbed his hand and placed it there. He looked at me in confusion before his fingers began to roam and press on my stomach.
       "Can you feel how it feels like something else is there? Something that a male body shouldn't be able to have genetically? It's harder than most male's abdomens." I asked, continuing to look towards the ground.
       "Dante, how…?"
       "Something happened on my mother's side of the family a little over a century ago. There was a plague that went through Italy and most of the females in the Stefani family were killed off because of it. So…somehow they managed to give males the ability to bear children so we could keep on continuing the bloodline for as long as possible." I tried explaining. "When they tried to remove it when the numbers of females went back up, it became too difficult and life threatening to take it out. So now, all males that has Stefani blood in them can have a womb that's passed down genetically."
       "Wow…" That was all he said. I became scared as I took his hand off my stomach and covered my stomach again. I quickly hugged myself and I began to shake.
       "Dante…" His hands reached out, as if to try and touch me again but I backed away a couple of steps before he could.
       "You must think I'm a freak now, huh?" I said, smiling sadly as tears streamed down my cheeks. I felt his arms tightly wrap themselves around me and I cried into his shoulder. His head rested on my head.
       "How could I think that way about the person I love?" He whispered. He pulled back and looked at me. I whipped my tears away and when I was down, Damien placed his fingers under my chin and made me look at him. "Do you even know how happy I am to hear that, Dante?"
       I shook my head.
       "I'm overjoyed. Of course, I wouldn't have mind adoption. But now, we'll be able to have children that have both of our genetics and traits. But…what are the risks?" He asked worriedly.
       "Well…It's really hard to tell. I mostly depends on the aged of the person, their health, any permanent disorder that your body has, and how many children you have at once." I explained.
       "Has anyone…died because of this?" He asked.
       "Yes. Mostly because the male body isn't used to giving birth and it puts a lot of strain and stress on it so there is a risk of heart failure. Also, most of the deaths were because of massive blood loss. Plus, I have asthma so I might have breathing trouble during labor and delivery." I said. I saw a flicker of fear show in his eyes.
       "You're not pregnant now, are you?" He asked, fearfully. "I mean, Walker didn't use protection and we didn't use it our first time!"
       "Damien, calm down." I said, cupping his face in my hands. "No, I'm not pregnant now. Luckily. There's a special way for me to get pregnant so don't worry. And besides, not everybody gets pregnant on their first time." I tried to comfort him.
       "How do you become pregnant anyway?" He asked, kissing my hands.
       "There's a little…hole that's just above my entrance down there." I answered, trying hard not to blush while saying that.  
       "Can you control it?" He asked. I shook my head.
       "No. Nobody can control when they get pregnant, male or female." I said.
       "Then we'll just have to be careful." He sighed, pulling me back in his arms.
       "I guess so…"
You guys thought I was dead, didn't you?
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